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Inspired by Isabel's illustrations and written for alleged explanations in Manchester on Thursday 8th. Go! It's free!

Lunar Letters
An Interview with Julie Foster

Julie Foster is 48 years old, she lives alone in a small terraced house in Norwich and is currently in a romantic, long-distance relationship with The Moon.
Isabel Scott:
Today I am invited into her living room where she shows me to a sofa facing the window. The entire room is in fact arranged around this one, small window; a large plant pot, a lamp and a rug create a rectangular space only a quarter of the size of the living area. Her skin and hair glimmers with a thin film of iridescent powder. She points to the hamsters;  “They’re nocturnal”, she explains, “they keep me company.” Indeed, over the last seven years, Julie has become almost entirely nocturnal in order to spend a maximum amount of time with her distant other half. As it stands it is 9pm and Julie and I are sitting down to poached eggs on toast with a pot of coffee. She hands me a napkin; “He’s waning tonight, so forgive me if I seem a bit gloomy.” As we settle in I ask her how the relationship came about, she takes a gulp of coffee, rubs her eyes and begins.
“Well you see, I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of astrology, my sun sign is Virgo but my moon sign is Cancer and that’s what got me interested. I didn’t really understand it. There’s nothing about moon signs in my magazines and I couldn’t risk ringing one of those ‘dial-astrologer’ adverts so I thought well I’ll do it myself then, I’ll write to The Moon.”
Six days later on November 13th 2007, Julie received the reply she’d been waiting for. “Well he was happy to help,” she muses, “he said he didn’t receive a lot of mail being The Moon.” Julie hoists up a leverarch file from under the sofa and rests it open mouthed on her lap, it is brimming with neatly organised A4 typed sheets. “The originals are too precious to keep reading. They’re delicate, dusty things, so at the end of the month when he’s hiding I type them all up myself.” The ‘hiding’ Julie refers to is The Moon’s new phase, when he is invisible here on earth.
Isabel Scott:

When Julie’s remaining astrological queries were answered, correspondence between the pair began to manifest into something much deeper and more personal. At 41, Julie had had no previous serious relationships, she tells me that in the past she simply hadn’t felt a strong connection with anybody romantically and had accepted a quiet life of solitude. “I was quite content with my quiet little life, well, it’s still quiet,” she laughs, “but getting to know The Moon has been the most fun I’ve ever had, he’s lovely.” I ask her if she and him have ever addressed his Dark Side, but she stops me immediately, “That’s personal.”
I sense I have been too intrusive and decide to sway the conversation towards her hopes for their future, at this she smiles affectionately; “I have decided to move into an entirely glass house. That way I can see him from all over, from the loo to the kitchen!” We chat for a few minutes about the house when I realise our little space has now been dipped entirely in pearly moonlight. The clouds have parted. Julie’s powdery skin lights up, radiating a warm, shimmering glow. I look closer and see her glassy pupils, once wide and inviting, have transformed into perfect crescent shapes. She takes my hand, “He’s here”.
I begin to float up until my body is suspended weightlessly above my seat. I glance down and see the sofas, the plant pot, the lamp, the rug and Julie, now tiny tops all fixed beneath my dangling feet. I hang here contentedly for the duration of my trance, cushioned by this curious whirring pull. At last it breaks and I am woken by a gentle nudge, I sense I have been placed carefully back on Julie’s sofa. She presents me with a cheese sandwich; “It’s 2am, please, have some lunch.”
My eyes fix on his milky surface, this is how you are introduced to The Moon.

Isabel Scott:


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