Wednesday, 12 February 2014


SO, I'm going through another of those 'I'm a vapid uncreative day time television sucker' crises again, mainly because everything else in my life is going great (I have enough money to buy flamboyant nightwear rn and a boyfriend who will let me wear it) and I have an inherent need to complain about SOMETHING.

Today I'm complaining about the fact that I don't 'do' anything: I don't draw, I don't write poetry, I don't make music, I'm not a big fan of anything. I pretty much feel like I'm not part of the creative alliance that I've decided everybody except me is a part of. Occasionally people will kindly say 'but you can write', however posting on here every six months once I've compiled enough to bitch about with some semblance of theme doesn't feel like a viable small talk hobby.

My predicament: nobody likes a show off, I never want to write about some craaaazzzyy experience and come off like a wannabe it girl embellishing a reality familiar to most people who are 'young' and 'live in a city'.

SO - What do you think I should write about?
Since you can post anonymously on here, I figured anyone who wouldn't mind helping me out wouldn't have to show their face if they didn't want to.

- my occasionally notable, but mostly typical life in South London
- answering questions, e.g. like an agony aunt
- are there any previous posts you think were ok n would want me to write more like
- my opinions on the 'issues' e.g. my bush, lady issues, i think they are the only issues that concern me
- photos?? do people like seeing stuff?
- fucking anything else i can write about in a cynical tone

I would truly appreciate any sort of 'feedback' that could help me kid myself into thinking I am walking side-by-American Apparel-side with my genuinely talented and creative friends.

As ever thankyou for any praise people have given me in the past, I think of it when I'm nervous sweating about not knowing what to do with my life xo


  1. Anonymous12/2/14

    more about your life as a goldsmiths student livin in south london pls x x

  2. Anonymous12/2/14

    I generally love your tone and your ability to turn ANY situation or thought into something absolutely hilarious and fantastic to read. I used to love your outfit posts too x x

  3. Anonymous12/2/14

    More stuff about your life! And maybe music that you're into?
    And definitely MOOORE PHOTOS! Especially like outfit posts and such, you have a really cool style!!

  4. Anonymous12/2/14

    ur blog makes my life pls start posting more again jus anything

  5. Anonymous12/2/14

    More about your life at uni and what you do there, defiantly more outfit posts and how you do your hair/makeup. The way you write is perfect btw!

  6. more about chilli she's gr8 and has got a really nice smile xxxx chilli

  7. Anonymous13/2/14

    This is utter shit

  8. Anonymous13/2/14

    leave your man and run away with me. you know who i am, i have always loved you

  9. Anonymous13/2/14

    You should do a post about SNOG.

  10. Anonymous19/2/14

    your moving out post was really good, so was the colourful stuff,
    you should make like a shitty heavily jaded girls online girl magazine like mizz grew out of her fluffy pink sandals or s/t
    with the nineties fash stuff and the dance steps your like 90% there already, you could like brand it more i dunno
    you could make it proper and get contributors because y (the hell) not?

    but listen don't allow yourself the bullshit about not being creative everyones creative the way you write is different and thats creative
    maybe this is even a better way of being creative because your cynical-comical-self-critical and not taking it too seriously - like how much would you not even like yourself if you were writing some depressive bullshit existentialist poetry it'd just be like hellooooo get with the times existential crises are so 1999 privileged grunge teen angst nowadays its all about calling yourself out on white guilt universalism elitism all that shit
    apart from at vice where they've just been on an endless cycle of vomitous 2-cool-4-u cynicism for like 20 years or something its like get over it oldies haha
    also yes 2 the issues b/c issues are great fun we've all got em i'll bet you've got some winners up your sleeve as well especially as a Woman because as a Woman you naturally get handed all these Womanly issues where the personal and sex and stuff gets 2close4comfort with the political and the moral and the yadayadayada and that shits actually interesting

  11. Anonymous21/2/14

    just about life, sharing your life with people and find yourself

  12. Anonymous3/3/14

    people like reading about 'typical' lives. more about yours

  13. Anonymous18/3/14

    Can you post how you do your hair?