Thursday, 28 March 2013


as someone with absolutely no idea of what's lurking on the fashion horizon, i have decided to make my own predictions for the next 1-2 years
maths tells me that after the 90s came the 2000s so DUH that's obviously what's next. i'm assuming that also means i can start wearing roll on body glitter and blue eye shadow again VERY SOON (amazing). i've already seen trouser-skirts come back in so i see no reason why we can't get more mileage out of this beautifully uncool era when people started listening to 'chill' albums and drinking more white wine 
(this is starting to feel like an extension of the time i played out a party on twitter set in a centreparcs with a group of 30 year old successfuls listening to top loader) 

here's some inspiration for all of u sick of the 90s trend, i think i like this more because from what i remember shit really wasnt cool in the early half of this decade:

(i suggest u press play on this now to get u in the mood) 

for the brit look i channel sophie ellis bextor in the 'groovejet' video

how cool and cosmopolitan, she looks laid back and possibly well traveled, i'm also thinking the crazy leader woman on the movie the beach, when was that released? like that also. 

here's a shot of me and my buddy rocking the equally laid back 'off the shoulder' look, really enjoying the gypsy inspired top on the right,  try find some flared jeans with a lace up section at the front they were classy. 

don't forget to take yourself seriously like craig david, you want to look cool but self assured. if you're a guy pull your beanie down to your eyebrows again, having it balanced on the end of your head is so tumblr 2012 now. 

now lets take a look at america for some glamorous inspiration: taking your smart/casual jeans and halter top  and giving them edge with diamant├ęs and MORE eye shadow:
in fact after a brief google image search i'm calling this section: getting in tune with nature by tying it together with suede ribbon. 

 giant silver neck brace = glamorous 

as well as listening to crazy town butterfly i also suggest the album 'whoa nelly' by nelly furtado #imlikeabird
i feel like coordinating outfits is particularly key to the era, but if you don't have a girl band or a celeb boyfriend, ask your friends if they would like to join you, you could all have your belly buttons pierced on your shopping trip. this actually brings me very swiftly to my last piece of advice on your totally ahead of the times summer wardobe: belly bars/tattoos 
as i was only 8 in 2001 i liked to use transfer tattoos, often they were tribal styled yin yangs or graphic butterflies, but if like me you're now 19 or above you could even dabble in henna or permanent it is afterall your fashion conscious body 

i hope you are all feeling fabulous and raring to hit jane norman now, also if any of these gorgeous photos/videos are not frm 2000 and whatever then...SO WHAT, xXxXxXx

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