Thursday, 31 January 2013


wrote this one a while back n never posted it but cos u wrongens said the last one was alright here ya go

recently my good friend that i met in the first week of term admitted that he no longer thinks i'm cool.
there's a reason for this, i am absolutely not cool. granted i like to think wearing a scrunchy gives me the edge when i'm carrying red stripe down new cross road, but when it comes to actual substance, listening to ariel pink no longer cuts it.

~~Not cooL?~~
areas of difficulty:

'dancing' to 'house'

i like both of these things, surely repetition is an unconfident dancer's safe place, not for me. firstly i never seem to judge the 'look' of nights out which doesn't make for seamless blending in. for example, having spent all of 3 minutes in manchester's 'South', a bloke came up to me and said "you don't really like this sorta thing do you" - i was wearing a long sleeved black turtleneck. naturally i told him to fuck himself then cowered in the smoking area for a bit til i felt confident (drunk) enough to reenter. then the dancing begins: the dipping knees, the rolling hand, the rigid arms, really i'm not criticising, i think you all look youthful and wavy but my awkward frame won't allow for it. maybe i should get a snapback and some nikes? i'll leave you with this:
"i know skream n disclosure, but who's b2b?"

'streetwear' & 'slang'

one time i bought a beanie, one time i said the word ting in a text
since then i have lost the beanie and never braved saying any south east slang aloud, i guess there's something about a north east accent that doesn't lend itself to patois and probably never should. i must admit however, that supreme and carhartt smell really friggin good, the problem is i don't, i smell like a pensioner's purse and can barely fork out 20 quid for pair of trousers let alone a slick hat. i also definitely do not have the legs fr trainers, so i'm sticking to my own personal brand #chavchic which i can tell you is makin waves across at least two of the people i know.

here's a message from zomby which i think sums this all up nicely:

the question is can northern chicks be cool? maybe they can, if they're invested in being absolutely not northern.

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