Friday, 13 April 2012

listen i know blogs without photos suck so i'll make this brief
tomorrow night me and my best bud isabel are going to try and be sassy, you know those hot chix who still look cool, it's a look with a fine line in my humble opinion; you wear a sassy dress, great, but one shit accessory and you've got yourself a classic case of lipsy (no offence i'm sure some people rock dresses from there) (nah they don't man, nobody rocks polyster satin)

now i have the american apparel scoop back tank dress, hideously overpriced, it's a glorified swimming costume but the problem is that from the back it looks fudging rad, from the front it's literally a vest

she looks class, it's the HAIR, i've got short hair, it's a minefield of confusion and i guess you could call this a cry for help
what am i supposed to wear with this 
fashion bloggers of the world (who definitely would not be reading this blog)
a big cardigan? a mac? a big chain necklace? hair up/hair down? 

p.s omg i forgot to say i got my leavers ball dress but i CAN'T post it cos i wanna shock the world 

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