Sunday, 22 April 2012

latest film photos

not mine of course, as in light of my coming a levels i decided to stop buying gin which instead led me to spend money on cheesecake and petrol, so you can drive to your also single friend's house in the middle of nowhere to smear toffee flavoured cheese round your mouth and weep into some cats, so yeah i still haven't got that pesky camera developed but NEXT WEEK

these three fellas are from the night after i drank too much and did ball room dancing, you remember? well isabel and i spent 6hrs eating pasties from greggs and watching yankee candle on qvc before we decided to brave leaving the er, safety of her sister's halls in byker and walked to newcastle, it was so fudging hazy so we bought strawberries and made like charles and sebastian during their languid days of youth

i like the similarity between the first two here. the red top night we decided to visit a church and finish the wine where an argument about which flag topped the cathedral ensued, as you can tell my social life is thriving and durham is the sort of place you wan party

anyway, i understand this was a pretty boring post but blogging is the highest form of procrastination, i hope all of your lives are charming today and that you all have really lovely pants on (i've become a fan of the lace brief, practical but feminine) GOOD LIVING XOXOX

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