Tuesday, 10 April 2012

d00ds i'm fudging skint so i can't afford the film development because gin comes before blog
so i'm just gonna make a big post of all the stuff of the last few months where i've been playing out or sat at home crying into loaves upon loaves of bread and putting foundation on so i can take pix of myself and go nowhere

 so this night i drank enough gin to encourage me to ballroom dance at my ex guy's gig while he sang songs about me and and i balled to his friends, it was pretty theatrical and i'm truly grateful that i can only remember about 6% of it 
 here's me sticking it to the man because i don't have asthma you mad woman
 me looking horrendous for someone who deserved a better model for their skill
 me being fancy free after 3 minutes on a bike
 me and my nipples
 this night i peaked at 1am when i got my chips and gravy then sacked off partying for my bed
 me in my favourite 'easy living xxl' shorts
 i wore this to go shopping with sporadically bleached and a denim studded shirt, mom wasn't so hot on it i thought i had serious pizzazz  
 i can only have this hairdo when i've got sunglasses on or my eyes look dead, but this was today
and i really can't remember if i posted about this but heavy hawaii sent me free merch because i think they're great and harass them on twitter 

so that is it, i got my place at goldsmiths so by september i'll be in london and the only positive thing in my life between then and now is 10 days in an apartment in barcelona 
i hope you all feel as class as me who has just eaten chips ON pizza in a leopard print dressing gown
long live easter xxoxoxo


  1. Very very very nice pix ! Love your style ! Wonderful !!!!


  2. absolutely love your blog, your style is so effortlessly beautiful!

  3. You always look so bloomin fabulous. Gin all the way.

  4. thanks v much gang!!!!