Wednesday, 14 December 2011

hello neighbours
a v cheery day for all involved
i'm still writing stories for lord goldsmith wait what the crap there's funeral bells coming from next door
seriously there is the sounding of a ritual gong rattling through the walls
christ it was a bit cathartic i feel cleansed
well that train of thought has been lost

i've got no sweet pix but i tried to do my hairdo good to impress my mother and her chums at joe frigger's

how can i be legally considered an adult when i look this young i've the nose of a fresh seal
and in the vain hope that any of the horrors might have followed a link of curiosity after me bombarding their twitter - i love you all so much and josh i just love your flowing tresses you make me so happy xxx


  1. Oh my please give me your locks x

  2. Anonymous15/12/11

    hair is looking fabulous <3

  3. you have really great style!!

  4. your hair is incredible! and i LOVE the horrors, josh's hair is a thing of beauty x