Sunday, 4 December 2011

hel0 everyone! today was great because i woke up from a glorious sleep with isabel and made a bacon sandwich and then i slipped into the world's greatest jumper and tied a ribbon in my hair and felt splendid
naturally i also felt the need to photograph this feeling and show a bunch of people i don't know - what the hay!
here i am, in a jumper, being silly

honestly i'm one of those cats that are festive crazy and i got those vibes today, praying for the snow to arrive and frankly the birds are acting strange so i can only assume they know it's coming
oh here the little fella is on lookbook if you feel the need to view it twice or you know, boost my sad little ego
p.s is it not the done thing to comment people back on this machine? i always find myself starting conversations to no avail?


  1. never stop blogging again you're my fave
    whadda ya dye your hair with? its fun

  2. hot damn thanks! i use nice n easy ash blonde but i want that guy bleach again it's looking miserable against this winter setting x