Tuesday, 8 February 2011

i'm going to live with monks in ampleforth for the next few days
it's very difficult to explain to people without appearing like a raging christian why i go here with school but i assure you all it is excellent
last year we played balloon stamping (you know with balloons on foots and with all the stamping and all) and i was really happy because we were given 3 meals a day
i guess its like boarding school but without the lessons..and once a day you watch monks do what they do best (i realise that sounds very sinister, im refering to praying..)
this is what last year looked like

absolutely lovely
sleeping in a big dorm with all my friends and then the teachers say okay everybody its breakfast and you go there and who knows what you could get THATS the beauty of it, not knowing what im going to eat next
i do enjoy other aspects bar food but i just really like the element of surprise

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