Sunday, 7 November 2010

this weekend i have been a grown up. reece and i went to spaggo for a meal and went for couples drinks afterwards upstairs, as always i kept my back to the bar as sadly my repore with the spag staff has led them to know my real age and name and thank shite for once it actually worked. being led out of an establishment wouldn't have added much to the er, mature ambiance. then again neither did me and amy being absolutely twatted..or reece and boyle for that matter. what was a delight was the surprise appearance from my brother who was equally mortal, beautiful family moment.
i managed to ensure the silk shirt reamined marginally clean, there's a speck of spag bol above the left tit but as my chest doesn't usually receive a huge amount of attention i dare say it will go relatively unnoticed so all in all it was a success. i just wore it with sheer tights in the end and a lil belt, i didn't look particularly nice but reece was rushing me and i'm a mess right now anyway.

oh and they are the hungover pootses the next day, i'm a delightful shade of grey i'd forgotten about the perils of red wine

beautiful excellent, tomorrow will be superb i love everyone thankyou.

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