Thursday, 4 November 2010

hi hi halo
well ive just had a brilliant curry courtesy of big ray as well as an hour of the ever more ridiculously sheltered hugh fearnely wittingstall, i think my favourite hugh moment has got to be his raise of the glass as he toasted "chicken stock - best drink of the day"
what more could you want from a man who thinks our population are relishing in the bounty of our countryside instead of going to work, almost as good as nigella but
actually no nothing is as good as nigella, not even almost

i don't particularly want to write about my day in newcastle, it was very enjoyable but it's quite chronological so i'll do one thing and mention the bearded dragons who were fascinating, my favourite was missing a hand and half a tail and for a short time i believed he was missing an eye but sadly my imagination was running away with me
we nicknamed him choada as his tail resembled that of the infamous choad, here he is in all his battered glory
camoflaged like a pro, what a veteran
speaking of which i can't get a poppy anywhere, if anyone knows of a place please let me know bon nuit

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