Sunday, 14 November 2010

for the love of christ i am still lacking a disposable camera
maybe they are a curse to me perhaps karma is saying no helen, not for you
my camera days should be put to an end before i get full of myself
down girl

my new favourite thing that makes me smile from the insides is french connection's woman words
"The jumpsuit. But the woman is not jumping?"
this is all i need, i wish they'd send me a text of a morning to put me in a good mood i'd love it
you know to remind me i don't hate the french because they're the reason i'm awake right now instead of in my nest
i'm done with le raisons de stress pour les jeunes this is why im stressed it has nothing to do with what what am i saying
i cant do this anymore
i'll have to set an alarm for 5 so i can get up and finish it i have it 2nd lesson aaaaaaa

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