Monday, 25 October 2010

i'm very content today as i've spent the day in york with mama and joe and bazzle
i've bought a new shirt which i'm planning to wear to go out in, maybe with burgundy socks and my beige wedges or just with sheer black tights
i'll not have chance to wear it for a couple of weeks anyway so i'll think something up, i cant decide whether to do the top button yet either who really knows.

i also had my ear pierced again, it isn't very exciting just my right lobe done again but it's made me feel very new and shiny so i bought some topshop earrings to wear too like all the cool peeps do with their multiple ear piercings and mismatched earrings.
for foodens i had a hoi-sin duck wrap (hahahah i wrote dick then by mistake) which was scrumptious and i bought a big bag of cadbury's misshapes as the excitement of not knowing what is wrong with them before you chomp them i find more satisfying than the chocolate itself. i thought id put on weight again but my insane body strikes again and after 3 days of eating shit i have somehow lost it, just as well as hot pants and crop tops arent exactly attractive over a food baby.

i'm v.happy at this moment, i think i will look at my ear some more thankyou friends xxo

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