Sunday, 17 October 2010

i stayed at ma mere's on friday, it was v.nice me and brother joseph watched The Fourth Kind which really is horrifying. i honestly think all horror movie directors have had a conference to discuss the 'horror hour' because it seems now the demonic hour of 3-4am is in every single film and without fail if i've watched one i will wake up then. this time by a drunken reece so i didnt get much sleep.
saturday was pretty uneventful other than dad and paulso made a tasty paella which i nashered.
today was a surprise because reece got insurance on his car so he picked me up and for his pass present we drove to a little cafe inside a garden centre full of old people and had sandwiches. it was quite sunny too so i liked that.

i think i'm the happy goose again now, i had my hair thinned out so i feel less like the wild beast and i only have 4 days of school before hald termens. birdsong in london on friday yeyeyey :D

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