Thursday, 28 October 2010

i just scoffed a curry i think i have a greed issue but harry potter was on also which was AMAZING
i mean i hadnt seen it since the cinema last year so it almost felt like because i couldnt remember i just had a sense of what was happening, that i was just insanely clever and could predict these things like a genius
so yeah i had fun playing that role
oh i bought my fur for my halloween costume it's v.nice sort of brown with a grey fleck quite sophisticated as dainty supplies faux fur goes and there's plenty of it, i have realised however that i will have to be very careful not to appear like a cavegirl and for that reason i have decided upon full wolfen makeup
i will post some sort of sneek prev photo of the outfit once of made it tomorrow as clearly i know my 1000s of followers will be eager to gain that sort of access..
in the mean time
doesn't my pooch look like a french shrimp

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