Monday, 11 October 2010

i feel emotionally drained by Birdsong, it's all too much, j'en ai marre.
i also just spilt tea down a fresh coating of fake tan, fake tan that was part of my life overhaul scheme which sees me not so drastically changing my hair for a day, changing the colour of my nail varnish and pretending i've eaten less than usual before reverting back to my old shite self in an e.t.a of 34.3 hours.
i'm not sure if its the change in season but im sick of myself, maybe this is when people with money buy hair exstensions or something i have no idea but i'll probably stick to the cost effective alternative of mental breakdown every time someone mildly attractive posts a new photo of themselves.
perhaps its time i rid myself of facebook, or of eyes one of the two.
on a lighter note i have a few things to look forward to; i go to london to see birdsong in two weeks, i go to the clothes show some time in december and ma mere has promised a shopping trip to york or london some time before christmas. i'm also excited to do some more fabric samples in textiles tomorrow.

if anyone actually reads this i'd appreciate if you could tell me something feasible i could manage with my thick shit-length hair, thankyou.

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