Friday, 3 September 2010

okay so as expected leeds was a terrific success, i've never felt as free and happy in my little life besides ampleforth and ampleforth was a catholic retreat so no naughty business. therefore my conclusion is that leeds is ampleforth with alcohol and drugs and music and rides and silent discos and smoke.

moving swiftly on from leeds since it's all ive spoken about for probably over a month, i bought some perfect moccasins yesterday which were 50 quiddos but ive justified it - i would spend 50 on a dress or on boots; these are an alternative to boots and i dont wear dresses anymore.

me and ma mere also went to franky bennies and i stuffed my speaker with bruchetta and veggie burger which was deeeeeeeeelish yeah baby. it's my brothers gig at digital tomorrow night and i have no idea what to wear so im going to try so stuff on now yapyapayaphappy ya yap yap bommbity oom xxxxoxoox

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